The newly opened Patch Of Sky in Andheri east is Roof top lounge which has a pleasing ambiance that can lighten up anyone’s mood with in fraction of seconds and can make one forget the strain of the entire day.

 The lounge has an open seating well divided according to the preference of one, the couples can sit near the pool,  families can have a good time in the sofa arrangement section ,where as the colleagues and college students can also pass their time here in this alluring lounge.The lounge also has got live music,pool and Wi-Fi which can make the young crowd love this place even more.

The lounge though is a vegetarian lounge but has a unique list in its menu than the other lounges. The menu is divided Into soups, appetizers, bar eats,sizzlers, pizzas, pastas, curries and chef’s plates along with everyone’s favorite the desserts.

From all the dishes present in each of the sections mentioned above the top 3 were the Traditional vegetable Manchow soup, the Crispy roomali and the Red Harissa marinated cottage cheese.

Traditional Vegetable Manchow Soup- The soup not only being good in taste but was also served in a unique manner. The soup was served in a wooden mug where as the crispy noodles were served in a wooden bowl. Th soup had mushrooms which even more enhaned the taste of the soup and went quite well with the crispy noodles. However the right way to have this soup is to pour the soup into the wooden bowl of crispy noodles and then enjoy its tangy different flavours.

 Crispy Roomali- The unique the dish looks is how unique the ingredients are. This dish is topped with tomatoes, coriander, onion and cranberry jelly, yes jellies you must be thinking that jelly on top of a dish wouldn’t taste good at all but, hold your horses because this will prove all of you wrong. The jellies on top of this made it even more tastier as it managed the tangy taste of tomatoes present in this dish. The dish might look very normal but once it’ll enter your mouth you’ll feel a hurricane of flavours in your mouth.

 Red Harissa marinated cottage cheese-  the dish has a base of cous cous upma and almond flakes topped with harissa and paneer. This dish may come small in quantity but the quality is on top with paneer being very smooth and soft and the cous cous being very pleasing to taste. This dish is a must have as this has different flavours and is something you won’t find in every corner of the city.

Along with the food menu the drinks menu also had some amazing and new varieties. The patch of sky has got a good collection in mocktails and cocktails as well. The mocktails we had put our hands on were the Unspiked-cucumber & curry leafs and the Strawberry and Peach,  and the one and only cocktail we tried and enjoyed alot was the Star of Aureole.

 Unspiked (cucumber & curry leafs)- the mocktail not only looks refreshing but also has the ingredients to make one feel energized. It has the taste of cucumber and a slight pinch of mint as well. This drink can surely be the best seller of this lounge in future.

 Unspiked (strawberry & peach)- this alluring mocktail has flavours of strawberry, peach and u can also sense a tad bit of litchi which taste amazing. With the first sip of this drink your mind will be refreshed after a stressful day. It has got a tangy flavour which makes you love it even more. However the lime slice did not go so well with this drink.

 Star Of Aureole- no wonder why this cocktail is called as a star because starting from its looks to its taste this drink is perfect in every way one can think of. This drink has a luminious litchi cloud with orange rings, blue halo and vodka in it. The drink does not taste bitter at all and all the ingredients are well blended in it. However a minor defect would be that the drinks starts to taste more like water after a while which can spoil the entire experience of it.

Lastly, the Patch of Sky lounge located on top of Hotel Aureole is a must visit as it gives you the feeling of refreshment and gives you the chance to enjoy the breeze along with the amazing work of chef Sanjay and commendable service given by staff like Sam.


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