What’s happiness? Coming across a place that serves all the multi-cuisine dishes one can think of right? Summer house Cafe astonished us with it’s variety in cuisines and with it’s amazing service.This cafe is always up in the game due to its varied quality cuisines, desserts and drinks.The sensational menu has a number of different dishes for meat lovers and a well maintained section for vegetarians too.

Our first real interaction with summer house cafe was with the refreshing Yuzu pineapple smash. The dishes which blew our minds were Jalapeno cheese fingers, Zatar chicken plank, Chicken chilly delhi style ,Indian non veg platter , Sausages wrapped in bacon was a remarkable dish which watered our mouths at its first look .The meats were treated with utmost respect .The place has an attractive bar styled drinks section , with a good music system and a projecter for matches and games which most men would adore to come here and have a bite of life .

YUZU PINEAPPLE MINT SMASH-Looking over the well maintained section of cocktails , to taste some uniqueness, we found out the ‘Yuzu pineapple Mint Smash’ to be the favourable one. The cocktail was finely presented with a part of Fennel seed plant from the top till the bottom. Mint leaves made the drink more refreshing. At the first sip we can taste the yuzu fruit flavour all over in our mouth with the smacking flavour of mint leaves. The pineapple and the yuzu gave a breathe of new life.

WATERMELON MINT SMASH- This mocktail has not only got an alluring refreshing taste but also everything that’ll make you come back to summer house cafe again just to gain back the experience of it . It is made up of mint, lime, melon syrup, coconut and is topped with a thin slice of watermelon on the side which makes it even more captivating when served.

JALAPENO CHEESE FINGERS- this dish has got not only a featureless taste of cheese but also a slight taste of the pungent jalapeno. The dish is served along with the Chipotle sauce which enhances the dish even more and goes very well along with melted cheese. With it’s first bite one can feel the perfect blend of cheese and jalapeno in it.

INDIAN NON-VEG PLATTER-this platter consisted of three kinds of meat dishes i.e the Mustard and green chilli char grilled chicken tikka, BBQ grilled and cumin mint fish tikka and the lamb seekh kebabs all these were served along with mint chutney, yogurt dip and kachumber. Each of the meat serving was well cooked and had it’s own unique flavour, the fish was Rawas fish and was marinated in mint which was something really out of the box and made us feel satisfied.

SAUSAGES WRAPPED IN BACON-What is more charming then a perfectly cooked meat ? We meat lovers came up with the dish “Sausages wrapped in bacon” . The dish was served with Barbeque sauce. Looking towards the meat , it looked fresh ,juicy, well cooked and mouth watering . Sausages were wrapped by bacon horizantally with a punch of barbeque sauce. The barbeque sause gave it a shiny surface. Talking about the flavour, the chemistry taste of both the meat was on a different level as well as they tasted good individually too .The smokey flavour of the meat was remarkable one .The “Must Try” dish on the summerhouse cafe’s menu.

CHEESE CHILLY NACHOS-The Tex-mex dish from northern Mexico which is loved by everyone , “The Nachos” at the summerhouse cafe was lacking in taste and quality.The Cheese Chilly Nachos were comprised of tomatoes,spring onions, jalapeno , kidney beans and cheese. The all over attire of the dish was quite interesting to make someone have a bite of it . The first bite of the nachos made me realise the quality of the tortilla chips. This was the main grade down factor of the dish. Moving towards the cheese, it was the only component we loved in the whole dish. The dish was topped with whipped yogurt which resulted in making the chips mushy. On the other hand, the Salsa was fresh as well as good in taste . This nachos can be considered as average dish .

 THE ULTIMATE BONNAFIE PIE- Looking over some desserts. The chef suggested us to taste the Bonnafie Pie. The Ultimate Banoffee Pie was presented in a glass cup. From the top we could only see a good amount of whipped cream. A view from the side of the transparent glass cup was alarming. It had layers of milkmaid toffee, nuts, crumbled biscuits and some banana pieces mixed within. After digging the spoon into the cup , i could possibly get all the layers. That one spoon gave me a blast of different flavours in my mouth. The combination of the toffee and the crumbled biscuits had its own uniqueness. The nuts made the piece of bite a bit crunchy. Having a conversation with the chef, he mentioned that the milkmaid toffee was fully turned  to achieve that sweet and thick toffee. The pie was completed with a thick layer of whipped cream. The signature flavour of the toffee was adoreable which reminds us of our childhood. A unique thing we noticed was the presentation of the dish with vertical and horizantal lines of chocolate syrup. One must try this to jump from everyday chocolate desserts.

MEGA BROWNIE SUNDAY MUG-this enticing looking dessert is made up of brownie, nuts and is topped with vanilla ice-cream and cherry which definitely sound good for a cheat day right? The entire mug had a proper balance in sweetness which didn’t make it difficult to finish the eHowever the brownie was unexpectedly a bit hard which became a hindrance to enjoy  this wonderful looking dish. But nevertheless it’s surely a perfect dessert to end your evening with.

Lastly,this place in Lower Parel is highly recommended by us for everyone who wants to have a great time with their family,friends or loved ones. So go grab a drink or have a four course meal and enjoy the experience at the one and only Summer House Cafe.


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