Want a lavish, super colossal place to visit with you family or friends? Then Delhi Highway in Times square building Andheri east is your destination.

This luxurious restaurant though being a pure veg has everything that’ll attract a meat lover too. From the special delicious menu to the royal service, this restaurant astonished us in every possible way.

The restaurant has an enticing collection in mocktails. Also this place serves beautifully made and served chaats, soups, starters, main course, dessert and the highlight of this place that is the one and only Thali. The restaurant has very beautifully justified it’s name Delhi Highway as with every bite one can feel the spicy, tangy and amazing flavours of the Delhi food (especially when it comes to chaats).

The mocktails which we tried were the litchi cooler and kalaKhatta mojito, among the chaats section we were served the gol gappa shots, mix chaat and the masala papad. Along with all these we had also put our hands on the  Chipotle paneer tikka, veg seekh kebab, tandoori aloo, Naramdil Kebab, and the makai kebabs.

LITCHI COOLER– this beautiful welcome drink was definitely a perfect one as this drink had a perfect taste of litchi, it actually felt homemade at it’s first sip. This drink was topped with a single cherry which made it look even more beautiful and soothing.

KALAKHATTA MOJITO – when this drink arrived all i could think about was those beautiful childhood moments as this literally not only seemed mouthwatering but also the slice of lime placed on top made it look even more refreshing. The taste of this drink was unbelievably perfect, with the first sip of this drink one will feel a bomb of unique tastes blasting inside their mouth.

GOL GAPPA SHOTS- the gol gappa shots though were served in a unique way but the taste remained the same. They were served in both flavours sweet and spicy and as how it’s made in Delhi the spicy gol gappa will remind you of the gol gappas there. Although this dish can just be considered as average if compared to others.

MIX CHAAT- this chaat was served in the same way how it is served in streets and trust me the taste was also the same infact way better than the street one’s. This chaat had all the flavours from sweet, sour,  spicy, tangy and every possible flavour one could name. It had a crunchiness of nuts and a sour taste of curd, the sweetness of the chutney and the tangy taste of raw mangoes. Over all this dish is a no. 1 dish of Delhi highway.

MASALA PAPPAD-the masala pappad looked average in presentation but the taste was amazing, the pappads were rolled and filled with onions and topped with green chutney. This dish is an average and just a head start to a beautiful evening.

VEG SEEKH KEBAB– if you think you’ve had the best kebabs already then sorry to dissapoint you because these kebabs are on a different level. Not only the serving was beautiful but also the taste was too amazing. The kebabs were soft and were cooked properly,  there is no slight complaint one can bring up in taste of these amazingly made kebab.NARAMDIL KEBABS & MAKAI KEBABS –  these two enticing Dishes were served together and maybe the appearance may not look so good, but when it comes to taste these two can surely put behind all the dishes available in Delhi highway’s menu. The makai kebabs had a taste of makai and the naramdil kebab was so soft that no wonder why it’s called as the naramdil kebabs. Among the two what we loved was the makai kebabs because of it’s unique flavour that one would not find in many places in the city.

Over all Delhi Highway is a definitely to go place as it not only gives ridiculously fast service and serves the most amazing dishes in the city but also because of the good ambiance and vibe which this place gives.



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