A newly opened ice cream, dessert zone in Carters road Bandra called as Oh! So Stoned has all the things that’ll attract the people over there, be it from the appearance and ambiance as it gives the vibes of 80’s era to the tastes of all the ice creams, shakes and desserts this place has topped our charts in every possible way. This is the first outlet of oh so stoned in Mumbai after getting extreme success in Pune and Delhi outlets.

The first ice cream we tried was the red velvet going along with the rum baba we ended the session of preview with the nutella finger.

RED VELVET ICE-CREAM- The ice cream was freshly prepared right in front of our eyes. It had two scoops of ice-cream mixed with the red Velvet properly and was served in a cup shaped cone and was topped with a Red velvet syrup,a chocolate stick on top and some whipped cream and this entire dish was served in a cup. Going at the looks the ice-cream was looking mouth-watering and it also tasted as amazing as it looked, it had a proper taste of Red Velvet not too sweet but just perfect enough to make anyone buy another cup of ice-cream from OSS.

RUM BABA ICE-CREAM- The quirky the name is how quirky the taste is. The rum baba is the most best selling ice-cream of OSS like the whiskey caramel. Like the red velvet this was also made in the same procedure, but the ice cream was mixed with actual rum balls and the ice cream tasted more like coffee and was served in a cup shaped cone and was topped with a rum ball, chocolate syrup and a chocolate stick. The rum baba with it’s first bite shook us as the coffee kind of taste of ice cream and the taste of rum balls completely went together, the taste of this ice-cream is something that one would never forget.

NUTELLA FINGER- This dish from the finger section of OSS was something that we never tried. It had a base of butter biscuit topped with nutella flavoured ice-cream, whipped cream and some chocolate syrup. If taken a proper scoop along with butter biscuit and ice-cream this dish tasted something really out of the box. The salty, sweet taste of biscuit along with the ice-cream and whipped cream went quite well and didn’t taste too sweet or salty at all. This dish can surely be a best seller for OSS like the rum baba too.

Lastly, this new outlet of Oh! So Stoned is going to give a very tough competition to all the other dessert parlour or food courts in Carters because of it’s enlighting looks and even more enticing desserts and ice-creams and also this place is highly recommended to everyone who really wants to try something new out of the box without getting dissapointed.


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