Feeling Sad ? Pick up a chocolate and have a bite of life , it will surely enlighten you up.It is a direct way to one’s heart .Talking about chocolates, we love every food when it gets a punch of chocolate. Well, you should once step in ‘The Chocolate heaven’ located in ville parle. Being near some of the best colleges, we can find a good visiting crowd here.

The place is different at its own uniqueness. The walls are colourfully painted with quotes and some imaginations about chocolates which people find attractive and make them to have a seat here. The menu of the cafe contains italian, sundaes,waffles, freakshakes, pancakes, coolers, coffee, tea and many more varied food items. The highlight of the cafe is the mudpot freakshake which the cafe itself considers as a “must try” thing. The service of this cafe is pretty good. The coolers are basic and very refreshing. The thing we loved the most was the ‘Belgium chocoalte waffle’.Pastas were aint that good. Besides the food, the cafe also offers designer cakes which are available for orders. Having speciality in chocolates, this cafe stoods up in the minds of youngsters. This chocolaty place must be visited once by all those chocolate lovers .



                  Belgium Nutella Waffle

Belgium nuttela waffle sounds so mouth watering…yes it is ! The “must try” dish in this cafe blew our minds off when we first had its glance. The waffles were loaded with melted belgium chocolate and nutella. This adoreable dish was served with a basic vanilla icecream. The horizantally chopped bananas garnished with chocolate syrup made the dish more attractive and took it on a another level. Moving towards the taste, the waffles were freshly baked , and had an amazing taste which goes so well with the belgium chocolate and nutella. This alarming dish made us to leave the forks and knifes and have a bite of it with our bare hands peacefully.

                  Assorted Cheese Pasta

In this chocolate heaven, we wanted to try some thing out of the box. We tried a basic pasta. The ‘Asorted cheese pasta’ came up with a bunch of creaminess and loaded with cheese. Having a bite from the bowl made us a bit satisfyed and change in trying a thing totally different from chocolates. Though the pastas seemed to be overcooked by its very soft and mushy texture. In terms of taste, the dish had a traditional taste of a macroni pasta. Basically the dish can be considered as a simple blend of cheese,cream and pennoni pasta. The pasta had some bell peppers and was garnished with some cheese, chilli flakes and oregano maintaining its simplicity.


               Passion fruit lemonade and                           Watermelon fruit lemonade.

In the sensational menu of The Chocolate Heaven, the chiller sections had a number of varieties of iced cool drinks. The highlights of the chillers were the ‘Passion fruit lemonade’ and the ‘Watermelon fruit lemonade’. Both the chillers individually tasted quite amazing. This refreshing drinks were served well in a glass mug ,which every teenage girl would love to have a drink in. This drinks were very simple yet the best things in the section of the chillers. The passion fruit had its own uniqueness with a punch of lemonade. The watermelon fruit lemonde lacked in the taste of original watermelon, its taste was overlapped by the lemons. This two things can be considered as an amazing sides while having some good dishes.


                  The Mud Pot Freakshake

Being in a chocolicious place, the chef of the place was desperate to make us try their freakshakes and as we were to have it. The ‘Mud Pot’ freakshake was a memorable thing we had in the chocolate heaven. The apperance of the shake was so good, we were in love with the shape of it! A well decorated freakshake with tiny chocolate balls, waffles, whipped cream, chocolate stick was veryy cool and tempting by its texture and creaminess.

The first ‘sip’ of the shake made us to ‘dip’ the straws more and more into it and taste its amazing flavours.Like in the belgium choclate waffle, they maintained the quality of the waffle making sure its fresh. The inner whore of the shake was a sweet mixture of nutella, chocolates ,cream, milk and many other things which made it an remarkable shake to be kept in mind
as well as in the stomach.

In short this place is very adoreable and a nice place to hangout with friends and have some good chocolate dishes.Apparently the chocolate heaven doesnt serve quality italian dishes but in terms of price its very convinient.


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