Situated in the heart of Mumbai, at BKC, Burn Kitchen and Malt Room is easily accessible and a great place to chill on a Saturday night. BURN offers customers a fine drinking experience. With rich interiors and décor, the place has the most delightful and ideal ambience. The choice of music is very tasteful and appeasing. With plenty of comfortable seating available, the experience is delightful.



At BURN, there is a full fledged bar which is sure to attract all you party freaks! They have a fascinating array of cocktails with some of the best blends and combinations. Our personal favorites were Mr. Banker, Nostalgia, and the Tipsy Chromie; unique blends of whiskey, rum and Malibu respectively. Nostalgia was a magical concoction of Captain Morgan with a hint of Nutella chocolate and honey syrup this gave the rum a sweet and delectable taste. Tipsy Chromie is a little sweeter and may not be preferred by all. It is a blend of Malibu, Coconut Milk and glazed honey syrup. Mr. Banker was a classic cocktail which most regular drinkers and whiskey lovers will thoroughly enjoy. Though being a malt room, the general expectation of all the drinks being amazing was flawed; one of the many cocktails being offered – Oxygen was a vodka based drink that essential had an overdose of lemon and sugar syrup, a big No to this beverage.

Another, disappointment in the cocktails section was Dialogue- a blend of vodka with cardamom, the cardamom flavor totally overpowered the the taste of the vodka. They also have an elegant display of American Cigars manufactured by Gurkha,that are available to the public for sale.


The most important part of any dining experience is the food. The quality of food and the presentation of the same was spectacular. Healthy junk as I like to call it, is something they serve in plenty! Chicken tikka and Breaded sweet potato with sour cream are some amazing healthy and delicious options that they serve. The Chinwin Chicken has a very unique taste with a perfect blend spicy and sour tastes. The chicken was tender and cooked perfectly making it even more delectable. Sounds mouth watering right? Vegetarians, don’t be disappointed as yet! The paneer tikka served on a hot sizzler base had the perfect texture, not too stretchy but at the same time it didn’t crumble with every bite. It was well cooked and seemed sufficiently marinated, with a delicate burnt taste adding to the flavor. Coming to everybody’s favorite food, Pizza! We tasted the Margharita Pizza, it wasn’t entirely a disappointment as it was loaded with excess cheese, however, the base got slightly soggy from the cheese and became flimsy.






The best part of our dinner experience was the dessert! Burn’s Flaming Chocolate Ball, a beautifully crafted spherical ball made from dark chocolate with some yummy treats inside it, like chocolate mousse and ganache with vanilla ice cream. The drizzle of flaming alcohol is poured over the chocolate ball, which delicately melts and causes the sphere to collapse inwards revealing all the hidden treasures! This desert is a big thumbs up from our side, however, for people with a typical sweet tooth, this may not seem satisfactory as the alcohol does have a significant taste in every bite


Service at the Malt room was initially at lightning speed. The waiters and managers were well dressed and looked extremely presentable adding to the fine drinking experience. However, towards the end of dinner, the service was lacking in speed and quality, probably owing to the excess work considering it was opening day. In all, we loved this place and would definitely recommend it! This might just become the next cool party hangout spot for all youngsters!


Building No 19, Pinnacle Corporate Park, Next to Trade Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai



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