Looking for a great way to rewind and relax on a Sunday afternoon? The Boston Butt, situated in an idyllic and peaceful location in Kala Ghoda should be your go to! The restaurant is inspired by the pre-prohibition era in the U.S. and has a vintage vibe making the brunch experience surreal.


The restaurant is strategically split into two sections, the lower half offers a fine dining experience, equipped with posh leather sofas and spacious tables, suited for a Sunday afternoon with family or colleagues; the upper half is much more appealing to youngsters, with high chairs and a full fledged bar. The décor and lighting of the place adds to the dining experience, and is complimented by live band performances making it more appealing.



The brunch menu has a wide variety of dishes, ranging across multiple cuisines and unlike most places The Boston Butt has a wide choice of dishes for vegetarians as well! The thin crust pizzas are a delight for every pizza lover, the fine taste and crispy crust make it a delicacy.

The pull apart Garlic Bread is a unique concept, the melted cheese with a delicate sprinkle of parsley and essence of garlic make every bite delectable. Ever imagined the goodness of tortilla chips combined with hummus to make a delicious portion of nachos? You read that right! The Boston Butt serves an amazing portion of nachos which is a must try!

For all meat lovers, this place serves some amazing non-veg dishes too! A slow technique is used to cook the meat over a span of 10-12 hours on different types of wood giving it a rich and smoked flavor.


The cocktails at The Boston Butt are a must try in this hot and sultry weather. The strawberry Beer-rita, a concoction of margarita with an inverted beer in it, was a particular favorite, this cocktail was a treat to the eyes too. The fruity flavor of the margarita blended with the fizzy beer made the drink refreshing.

Another favorite cocktail was the Mulled Wine Popsicle in Champagne. The freshness of the popsicle with the contrasting rich taste of the Champagne blended extremely well. Mulled wine is usually blended with spices during its preparation and the cinnamon essence was infused throughout the popsicle. The popsicle unlike the traditional “gola” was de-crystallized making it soft to bite though.



For all you desert lovers, The Boston Butt has a wide variety of lip smacking dishes that are sure to give you a sugar rush and leave your taste buds extremely satisfied. The upside down pineapple cake, is topped with whipped cream that is infused with a pineapple essence, the fresh pineapple pieces lining the cake ensure that there is flavor in every bite.

Our top choice of desert was The Skillet Cookie, the cookie was freshly baked directly on a skillet and had a soft and chewy texture. Topped with salted caramel, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The cookie tasted best with the salted caramel ice cream.


Good service, great interiors and amazing food aptly describe this place.

The staff are courteous and well dressed and you can be sure that the service is quick and good. The food presentation is spectacular, the dips are made into swirls and and the pizzas are well sliced. Clean cutlery and interiors is another feather in the cap for The Boston Butt. They have a smoking room on the top floor, with similar wall décor to the rest of the place, however, the room is small and can accommodate a maximum for 3-4 people.

Overall, this place is great and is priced reasonably in terms of the quality and service that is being provided to its customers.

1st floor, Rampart Row, Near Rhythm House, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai
Cost -1,650 for two people (approx.)




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