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This not so known amazing looking place in churchgate known as The Boston Butt is slowly stepping it’s foot forward in the game. This place not only has unique ambiance and live music which can surely enlighten anyone’s mood (kudos to the band) but also has a vast variety in it’s menu. Starting from the cocktail to the dishes this place will not fail to make your presence a good one. The staff also keeps up with their customers by constantly taking their review over the things that has been served which is really amazing. The speciality of TBB is the beerita because of it’s unique taste a presentation, the poshsicles, the lockjaw burger, the BBQ chicken thin crust pizza, TBB brunch smoked platter and probably everything from the dessert section was amazing but the skillet chocolate chip cookie served with housemade ice creams was amazing. The TBB also hosts a every Sunday brunch on the house which includes the best from their menu and starts from 12pm. The TBB is surely going to be a place that the youngsters and family would love to visit because of it’s unique jazz live music and live sports screening.




               TBB brunch smoked platter

We meat lovers were very predictive about the meat dishes in the Boston Butt. The dish served to us was the ‘TBB brunch smoked platter’ .The orthodox based style of the dish made it look more attractive and mouth watering. Looking over the stuff in the platter, it consisted of barbeque kidney beans, smoked pulled pork rib, smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken and coleslaw. The remarkable thing in the dish was the smoked pulled pork, the way it was cooked and fused with barbeque sauce made it a perfect smoked flavoured meat . The dish was added a cocktail element with the choice of fusion of different sauces served with it. The entire dish was up to the mark.

TBB lockjaw chicken smokestacker burger

Tbb lockjaw chicken smokestacker burger- this jaw locking burger was enough to fill up anyone’s stomach and make them love burgers even more. This burger had pulled chicken, chicken sausages, BBQ wing bites with cucumber slices and different type of sauces. Though the bun was a little dry but the sausages and the 4 different sauces served with it completely covered up this slight mistake. All of this was served along with fries which really didn’t taste like the ordinary ones. With the first bite we could feel the juicy chicken sausages and the freshness of the cucumbers in it. This burger can surely be the top favourite for chicken lovers in #TBB

                    Smoked pork nuggets

Small dishes are expected to be satisfying in their small bites. Smoked pork nuggets was a simple and basic dish which is best thing to start before a meal. Deep fried pork nuggets with a crunchy and juicy flavour was made perfectly.The pork was very mushy. The served sauce had a big part in the tangy factor of the dish. Simplicity of this dish and the lip smacking flavour of this dish satisfied us the way a dessert does at the end of a great meal.

    Smoked BBQ chicken thin crust pizza 

Though this dish was less in quantity but was the best that Boston butt had served us. The pizza had propers chunks of chicken with every chicken chunk glazed in BBQ sauce. With the taste of first slice one can feel the taste of BBQ, jalapenos and bell peppers. The pizza also had a proportionate content of cheese in it because of which the pizza didn’t taste too cheesy or less cheesy. To conclude one must put their hands on this pizza if they are visiting Boston butt as this is the best of all that’ll enlighten anyone’s taste buds.

                            Beer Float

Beer makes an amazing fusion with meat dishes. Looking over some drinks we found the beer float a favourable one. The first look of this drink was very alarming. This beer float was with a bottle downside in wine glass. The drink was added the exotic flavour of coffee which can be noticed due to the coffee beans garnished on the top. This unique collab of this both elements was a memorable thing about this drink.


This enticing looking cocktail served in a very unique way also has a very unique taste. This cocktail has a fresh fruit margarita juice with a mix of beer in it, however to make it more unique the chef inspite of mixing the beer entirely with the juice kept the bottle on top in such a way that as soon as one feels that their drink is getting over they can just pull the bottle up and boom! There’s more beer in your glass. This mocktail was so beautifully made that even after pouring the entire beer into the glass we couldn’t feel that typical bitter taste of beer at all.

Bourbon chilli glazed smoked BBQchicken

This average looking dish was served with fries with a taste of a BBQ and the chicken slices were dipped in BBQ sauce as well. Though the taste didn’t go so well with the name as the chicken strips did not have an entire taste of BBQ as in some section of the strips the chicken seemed tasteless while in some the flavours came out perfectly. This spicy and mouthwatering dish though needs a little improvement but is surely a must try.

                  Skillet chocochip cookie

This dessert was served in a hot pan with a chocolate cookie as a base and three different types of ice-creams on top which were the vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate, the speciality was that all the ice-creams were housemade and had a unique taste. The salted caramel was something unique as it tasted not sweet but salty going perfectly with its name. With a proper scoop of ice cream along the chocolate cookie this dessert was something we never tasted anywhere before. As desserts are an important and most waited part of a dinner keeping that in mind TBB has completely justified it’s dessert section.

               Chocolate mousse gateaux

Nothing provides the same satisfaction as a dessert does. Our end of the delicious meat dishes and refreshing drinks ended with ‘chocolate mousse gateaux’. The french word gateaux means cake, we loved the way they made it. A perfect combination of a mousse and a cake. The lemon flavoured whipped cream on the top was very tangy and took this tmdessert three steps ahead. You ll barely find a dessert that underlines it cheekiness with a tangy effortlessness.

This place was very amazing. We experienced great dishes and spent a good time over here. The Boston Butt is a must visit place for all those meat lovers and as well as for the vegetarians.


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