The newly opened lavish, super colossal place called as The Pranzi in Khar has everything that’ll attract anyone to come and have good time here. The Pranzi is divided into Pranzi lounge and Pranzi restaurant, the lounge is where people can have a good with their sheesha and some good food while the restaurant section is for the ones who loves slow music with astonishing food.

Although keeping a sheesha in the house the Pranzi doesn’t serve alcohol in any of the sections. Each of the section has a very different and unique interior from each other keeping in mind the preference of the people who have sheesha and who don’t. Along with interior their menu is also different with alot of varieties in pizza, pasta, soups, sizzlers, desserts, shakes and mocktails. The smoked chicken and roasted garlic soup, The Goat cheese green chilli, lamb Turkish adana kebabs, and the panna cotta was Amazing. Another plus point is this place is to close to the station which makes people to find it very easily. The Pranzi lounge is a definitely go to place for people who wants to have a quality time with their family and also for the young teens to just chill with their friends and also because of it’s ridiculously amazing service.


Smoked chicken and roasted garlic soup

The very unique thing we tried in the premises of Pranzi restaurant was the ‘smoked chicken and roasted garlic soup’. The soup was served with a very nice designed soup bowl which makes it look more alluring. Looking towards the taste of the soup, it tasted more like an mac and cheese pasta but had its own flavour infused with small chicken pieces. This light hot soup can be a great starter of your further heavy meal.

Goat cheese green chillies

This triangular shaped dish might not look so tempting to anyone but trust us, the moment we had the first bite of this along the harissa sauce we got indulged into it’s amazing flavours. Each piece was wrapped in phyllo and inside it contained the goat cheese mixed with pine nuts and green chilis, to make it even more amazing the chef garnished it with the harissa sauce which was tangy yet spicy and had a unique taste. The phyllo wrap has also thin which kept the soft texture of goat cheese as it was.


     Zatar spiced paneer skewers

Coming towards the love of vegetarians, paneer stoods up in their minds. Paneer was a bit crunchy outside but very mushy from inside. The kebab styled paneer was combined with bell peppers and onion. The cottage cheese was well baked giving it a redish black colour from the outside because of the marinate. This stuff was very loveable which was served with a classic hummus.

Bull freeze

The unique the name is how unique this mocktail is. This mocktail had a content of Red Bull, watermelon,lime and mint in it. The mocktail with it’s look will seem very average to anyone but is surely very alarming. It has a taste a watermelon yet a punch of redbull and mint in it. However the taste of lime was not so detectable but the taste of this mocktail was good that it was on the table of many people in the house.

Chicken shish taouk

This entirely chicken based starter dish had a content of four pieces of chicken with each piece cut in a unique way. The chicken pieces were marinated in green spices and pepper and was served along with braised soy bok choy and lemon slice on the side. The chicken pieces were very perfectly cooked on the outer side and the chef also made it a little crunchy, but on the inner side it seemed a bit undercooked which might spoil the taste, but having a perfect bite with the chicken piece and the braised soy bok choy the flavours came out really well and the flavours were so unique that probably the one having it will have to spend alot of time describing it.

Lamb Turkish adana kebab

This charming dish was served with some hummus, grilled pita and olives. The kebab was freshly cooked and baked having a mouthwatering turkish lamb flavour. The kebab goes definetly very well with the hummus and grilled pita. The hummus was very fresh to taste. The adorable kebab tasted very good and had a smoky and juicy flavour. This kebab can satisfy any meat lover willing to have some perfect cooked meat. Entire dish was up to the mark, hence we the collab of olives and hummus with grilled pita.

Chicken hamburger steak sizzler

An exoticness of a sizzler is unmatchable. The chicken hamburger steak sizzler was very alarming and attractive. The sizzler consisted of french fries, spinach, chicken patty, baby corn, mushrooms, tomato and cheese. The exotic flavours were burst in our mouth after we took the first bite of it. The uniqueness of the sauce, which was main factor of the sizzler made it more sizzling and tempting. The chicken was made like a patty which was up to the mark. The well cooked chicken goes very well with the sauce, french fries and with the other stir fried vegetables. The smokey taste of the sizzlers made us to have more bites of the sizzler.

Pannna Cotta

This dessert is served in a wine glass and comes with three different choices of flavour i.e the berry, caramel and chocolate. The one we tried was the chocolate one. As said before it is served in a wine glass and it has a full filled base of panna cotta with a layer of chocolate syrup on top of it, which slowly melts down after every scoop taken out from the glass. Though the taste was very average and so was the presentation but because of the mushy texture of the dessert it didn’t disappointed us completely.


If someone asked me why would he/she visit Pranzi? My answer will not only because of the food but also the mind blowing luxourious interiors.All food served to us was adoreable. Food becomes more presentative because of their luxury dishes.A must visit place with family and friends.


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