Kode in kamala mills is Zorawar karla’s newest kitchen and bar after the hits of Pa Pa Ya, Masala library, Farzi Café. This time it’s something bigger and better. Situated in south Bombay and one of most food centric areas of the city, this place does not stand among the competition, but stands out of all the other places.

Kode is a freestyle kitchen and bar which is a huge place and has a stunning bar in it. The place lits up completely in the evening with shine of the drinks an bar from inside. Serving above 150 types of drinks, imported beers, the bar tenders here are tremendously talented and set the bar on fire with their finest ranges of drinks. With the quirkiest names for their drinks, their presentation and taste will leave its taste forever with you.

One of the best things here is that every drink has a story behind it and every dish has a unique touch to it. I can’t say its one particular type of cuisine as Chef Saurav and his team has widened their experimental lab and made dishes which were out of the box. As it’s a freestyle kitchen and bar there might be some items you will experience for the first time, but I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.


































Starting from what we had for drinks

The pearl of Caribbean had 2 drinks in it. One of it was the red wine which was given in small quantity and the other one was a drink with lemon flavored solid ice with dry nitrogen mixed in it. The aroma of the wine was something so sweet and trust me, wine never tasted this good earlier. After the wine, I was told to drink the other part. After the pearl of the Caribbean, I had the alphonso mango sangria. I was doubtful if I would get mango sangria but I was really praying that I would get one because I had never tasted a sangria with mango base earlier. The mango with pineapple taste of the sangria will send you into such a happy and sweet mood you would not want to return from.





















What we had in the food section:

I started off with butter garlic edamame beans. It was the first time I was having edamame beans and honestly I’m not a big fan so I was not able to understand the efforts also. But the taste of edamame fried with butter garlic paste makes it somewhat Indian type and makes you want to finish the dish all by yourself. After this, we went onto some olives which were Togarashi and garlic olives. Green olives fried with Togarashi mix and a tint of garlic makes it easier for you to chunk on it as you eat all from the plate one by one. The next was Avocado Carpaccio. Mostly I expected carpaccio to be of tuna or salmon but here for the first time I tried avocado carpaccio. Must appreciate the efforts to cut the avocado in such thin slices. They were so slim that they just melted in my mouth itself and served along with grated spinach. All of these we had was from the cold plates section. After the cold plates, we had the veg and non veg appetizers. The best start to the appetizers was the Charcoal grilled prawns. The prawns fried garlic tint on charcoal made it juicy yet crispy to taste. The next we had was the Corn curd and asparagus tempura. The corn with yellow curd smashed and blended well to make these small tempuras were too soft to make you efforts even to chew them. The next we had the Chicken Quesadillas. They were the regular quesadillas with small chunks of chicken in it making it crispy and yummy to eat. The next is the cutest dish I came across there. The Manchego and truffle oil pizza. The pizza with manchego cheese itself tells us that they have taken so much efforts and crossed boundaries of not going with the mainstream cheese. The pizzas is in the shape of a cute little boat which is wooden fried with truffle oil to make it healthy. I was looking for a great sushi to try and luckily the one that I picked fulfilled my expectation. The Crunchy asparagus and cream cheese sushi here is as its name suggests, crunchy in every piece. The last main course we has was actually the best one. It was the lamb shanks which was marinated in the barbeque sauce for 18hours and then cooked. No wonder why it was worth the wait and that soft and yummy.

What we had for desserts:

No matter how good the meal is, nothing beats the dessert and it is true in this case also. The classic tiramisu with coffee and chocolate flavor was so soft that it melted in my mouth itself and I don’t think anything beats the softness and tenderness of well baked tiramisu. The next dessert I had here was something I never had before and I was awestruck after eating this as I wanted to go on eating this and even order for more. The deconstructed black forest cake. Who would have thought that we can eat black forest cake this way also. The cake was deconstructed in small chocolate bricks, cherry mousse and chocolate mousse. I forgot what it tastes like when we eat it together because the deconstructed version was so damn tasty that who would want to eat it like a cake again?






















Overall speaking, if you are looking for a place to enjoy and chill on your weekends at, kode is the perfect place as it has those vibes in it which will not let you want to leave this place anytime before midnight atleast.




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