The BARBEQUE CENTRAL in goregaon (w), keeping in mind the tough competition around it, has done everything to beat the other restaurants over there. From a unique interior to a different live chat section, the BC has everything well managed in one single place. Another uniqueness of this place was that they had kept personalized grills on every table which completely goes with it’s tagline “Dil se Grill Tak” . Along with live chat section ,people can also make pastas, spaghettis according to their taste by choosing different ingredients from the counter, in other words do a DIY!


                     AMBIENCE AND INTERIOR

This orthodox styled restaurant blew up our minds with its antique interior and personalized grills on every table making sure that the customers are served with fresh and warm food. The lights are traditionally designed. Ripped around the thick ropes the lights looks very attractive hanged over gears. The grills over all the tables are very simple and basic. The buffet section is after the main restaurant section. The LIVE CHAT and PASTA n RISOTTO section is also well maintained. The place also has a very different section only booked for a huge crowd which is next to the buffet section.


A very commendable service can be seen in the barbeque central. The staff are very kind to every customer out there to have a bit in this place. A particular staff member was appointed to attend us and take all our further orders. Half of the food we had were by his suggestions and can be considered to be a great one. The good the staff as faster the service is. Our table was almost full within 15 minutes. The LIVE CHAT SECTION is also absolutely very quick in serving the varied tangy pani puris. The buffet warm and has a constant change of food items which are almost over. Lovingly pastas are served very well with fresh ingredients choosed by us.



                  FOOD, DRINKS and EXPENSE

The food of Barbeque central was ridiculously amazing as it had a wide range of varieties not only in non-veg but also in veg.


The mojito of the BC was served to us in two different flavours i.e the strawberry and the peach mojito.


Non-veg: The crispy korean fried chicken had a quantity of two chicken leg piece and had perfect taste of BBQ in it,  mutton methi seekh was not something unique but was very properly cooked and had a slight spicy flavour in it, Peshawari fish was made using Basa fish which is something the sea food lovers love to eat because of its soft texture which wasn’t spoiled by the chef at all, all these dishes were served in skewers and one could grill them according to their preference and spice them up with some assorted dressings and lip smacking dips.

Veg:  The smoked tango watermelon was something we didn’t expect to taste good at all but however the watermelon was so amazingly marinated that one could barely get the old school taste of watermelon and all we could taste was the tangy taste of watermelon and smokey flavour , churassco pineapple was also cooked in the same way but with different marination and was served like the watermelon in skewers, BBQ signature potatoes were served in plates and were garnished with cabbage, the taste of the potatoes went very well with the name as with every bite the taste of BBQ was easily felt and understood.
                                                ( D.I.Y PASTA )

The barbeque central also arranged a live jalebi section for the one who loves to eat freshly prepared jalebi’s, along with that they serve the assorted jelly bubble  , coconut and blueberry cheese cake, passion fruit panna cotta, chocolate brownie, assorted chocolate pops in vanilla and chocolate flavour, poosanikai halwa and angoori gulab jamun which is also freshly prepared in the house. The BC also serves unlimited baskin&robins ice creams to their customers of different flavours also they make cigar rolls which also has a wide range of variety among which the chocolate brownie cigar rolls are amazing to taste.
                                                 (PANNA COTTA)
                                   (ANGOORI GULAB JAMUN)
                                        (POSAANIKAI HALWA)
                               (ASSORTED CHOCOLATE POPS)
                                     (ASSORTED JELLY BUBBLE)
                                                  (CIGAR ROLLS)

 Overall speaking about the place, serving the delicious cuisines and desserts the place is very good at its specialities. A very cool place to hangout with friends as well as to spend a good time with family and loved ones. A must visit place for weekends as this beautiful place costs no less than 1400/- for two approx.
Visit Barbeque central soon and let us know how do you feel with your reviews on the link below and our comments


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