True to its name, It Happened in New York gives its customers a classic American vibe. Three floors high, the place has classic American décor with plush furnishing. With normal lighting as well as candle lights this place is perfect for a brunch with friends or for a romantic dinner.




















With an exquisite spread, we asked the manager to help us out with some of their best dishes. We started with the Classic Rainbow bagel. Topped with delicious Philadelphia cream cheese and some handpicked olives, this was a delight not only to see but also to taste. We decided to sample a few more starts and went for a portion of just Mushrooms and Chicken Spwings. With button mushrooms were all of uniform size and had the most perfect garnish on them. They were crunchy and smooth and had a delicious flavor. The chicken Spwings were not boneless, this was a little disappointing, apart from this the chicken was simply delicious, it meted in our mouths and still left us drooling for more! Who doesn’t love popcorn right? We ordered a portion of the Caramel rosemary popcorn and this made us forget our long love for the classic cheese and caramel popcorn. The kernels were firm and crunchy, tossed in a generous amount of butter with a hint of caramel and a dash of rosemary, this dish was both sweet and savory.






























We decided to eat a little healthier, and ordered a Watermelon – Feta salad. The combination of fresh watermelons with crunchy green apples topped with stretchy goat cheese and toasted pinenuts was unmatched. It made even healthy food taste yummy! We ordered a portion of hot dogs for the table. Two perfectly cooked hot dogs with mustard and hot sauce and a rich stuffing, these were absolutely mouthwatering. Served with an unsweetened papaya shake and some waffle fries, this combination was top class. For main course, we ordered a Mushroom Casserole and a portion of Jerk chicken. The mushroom casserole was served in a cute round deep dish pan. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked and creamy with hints of various types of cheese. There were three different types of mushrooms in the dish adding a variety to the texture of the food. The puff pastry on top was cooked until crunchy and tasted lovely with the mushrooms. They made the jerk chicken boneless to suit our preference and the slow roasted taste of the chicken was delectable.

New York is the paradise of desserts and we weren’t able to choose which ones to try, so the chef and the manager got us their specialties! We tried Mr. Daniel’s – a chocolate crème infused with generous amounts of Jack Daniels, the classic New York cheesecake – this was baked to perfection with a creamy top and a crunchy cookie base and no lumps throughout the top. We also tried a scoop of the Winter berry ice cream, this is a homemade creation which is vegetarian friendly. The sour taste of the berries with the sweetened flavor of the base made this concoction perfect.
























To make every meal perfect, is the accompaniment of a variety of cocktails. We tried the Singapore Sling, The Brown Derby, The Santana Sour, and the Upper East Side wine cup. The first was a gin based cocktail, the second with a base of whiskey, the third with tequila and the fourth with all-time favorite Merlot base ! All the blends were fabulous, each with a good hint of the base and perfectly topped with other ingredients. The Upper East Side was a favorite as it was a cocktail blend of red wine with cranberry juice topped with mint leaves.



















Overall, we had a lovely experience. Good décor, great service, extremely courteous staff and delicious food, we got to experience it all. The food was absolutely value for money and the premises was clean and hygienic. With good presentation of the food, they absolutely won our hearts!


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