On a lazy weekend the best thing to do is to eat around the corner, and that’s exactly what we did, we went to Eat Around The Corner, Lol pun intended. We were invited to attend a workshop conducted by Chef Zubin. So we headed to EATC for a fun activity.
So first up was a fun task to make your own “fun milkshakes”. In front of us was an array of ingredients displayed in front of us, ranging from healthy veggies and fruits to chocolates and tasty brownies. We were asked to grab a glass and put any ingredient of our choice. TBH we were confused because of ton of choices. Finally after thinking much I then mixed a bunch of things like brownie, apricot, some cranberries, an Oreo biscuit, some chocolate chips and chocolate sauce to top it off. Once all of us were done, chef asked us to taste each other’s milkshake and

 rate it. After the mess that we created, the almighty Chef Zubin then asked us if we would like to know how to make the perfect milkshake and of course we had to know to which he said, “There is nothing like a perfect milkshake.” Amazing isn’t it; mix it all up whatever you like and that can be your perfect milkshake.

Next up we headed to the pizza making section. Chef Zubin taught us to make the pizza dough. He gave us a few tips and tricks when making the dough. Once the dough was made Chef asked us to make our own pizza where he gave us tons of topping to make it. We made a half and half pizza, the first half was chicken Tikka pizza and the other half was smoked chicken pizza along with some olives, jalapenos, onions, bell peppers and loads of cheese. And guess what we did once the pizza was baked?! We ate it all. it was a glorious pizza! the workshop ended at a sweet note when the chef gifted each of usweet yummy cakes!

Post the pizza making task we ordered some more food (What?! Don’t judge us we were hungry!). I went ahead and ordered a falafel and hummus sandwich with multi grain bread and a Mac and cheese burger. Both tasted amazingly good. From the vast options of dessert we ended up ordering chocolate chip danish and an apple pie. we were in for a treat. I was completely satisfied with my choice of desserts. Over all the ambience and the staff were very welcoming. We had an amazing time being a part of the fun workshop. I will definitely go back to Eat around the corner in future to try more tasty items on their menu!


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