Sugar, butter, flour and eggs. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect cake batter! Well I don’t know about super humans but we surely did make a supercalifragilstic yummy cake!!!

It was on one of this glorious day that I got the chance to be a part of the baking workshop at Bombay Baking Co., J.W. Marriott headed by Chef Santosh Rawat. Baking on a Saturday afternoon than baking! I don’t think so! The session started with a little introduction about the Chef and on what we were about to bake! Chef Santosh Rawat in a Multi- Property Executive Pastry Chef of J.W.Marriott and he was going to teach us how to bake Tea cakes or Travel cakes.


There were two recipes placed in front of us, one of them was Almond Orange Tea Cake and Coconut Crumble Cake. Chef Santosh first advised us to wear our hats and aprons. Aprons..check! Hats..check! Recipes…check! So lets start baking! Before we started the chef asked a very important question; “ What are the most important ingredients to bake cake?” While nobody had an answer, looking at our blank faces he placed four bowls full of ingredients in front of us; butter, eggs, sugar and flour. To bake anything these are the main ingredients to start of and then we can add anything for flavour. Chef then started with Coconut crumble cake, where he first prepared the crumble and then started making the batter. He gave us some more amazing baking tips like, the butter we use for baking should’t be too cold or too soft, it should be at the room temperature, same goes for eggs. Another tip that chef gave us was when you mix the wet ingredients, scrape it from the sides so the butter gets mixed properly with the sugar and eggs. once the batter was ready he poured some in a rectangular moulds, and added the crumble on top of it. Next up was Almond Orange Tea cake. The same process goes for the this cake. Once the cake batters were prepared, Chef bought out the already baked cakes out for us to taste, and my oh my we were in for a treat!

The Coconut crumble cake was a dense cake. Anyone who loves chocolate and coconut mixture, would love this cake. But nothing beats the Almond Orange Tea Cake. It was so moist, it just melted in our mouths! The taste of orange in the cake was just amazing! The experience of being a part of this baking workshop was fantastic and how I wish I could do this every weekend!


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