After a long and hectic day at work , one sure feels like going out to relax and let go of all the stress. That’s what I did exactly on Friday night .

I headed to Mighty Small with my friend. Now don’t let the name fool you , there’s nothing small about this place. Mighty small gives a friendly vibe. Our luck was sure on our side as there was a live music – Bollywood Night Special.

Just perfect!  By the time we reached the Bollywood night had already started. As we got seated while enjoying the live music by Shyamal Vyas and Parth Vyas. They recreated some amazing songs, songs like Sonu Nigam’s Tu, Lucky Ali’s O Sanam, Dilbar mere from Satte Pe Satta, Dil Chahta Hai, and many more Arijit Singh’s song! Shyamal Vyas’s voice was absolutely mesmerizing, perfect to recreate unplugged versions.

While we enjoyed the Bollywood night we ordered some food and drinks. So we called in for pull apart cheese bread and flamed grilled chicken (chimichuri) along with Grey Goose le Fizz and Dewar’s Penicillin from the cocktails section. The pull apart bread was a bit dry for my liking . Both the cocktails were good. But the flame grilled chicken stole the show! It was flawless ! After that we ordered for nachos with cheese which was ok , not too bad but I’ve had better. Next we called in for long horn iced tea and a mocktail – orange basil trampoline and a crispy chicken burger for main course. Both the cocktail as well as the mocktail were Epic and refreshing. These are must haves . The burger on the other hand was tad bit salty for our palette. So calling for a dessert was the next best step to wrap up our dinner and we did just that . We called in for a red velvet cheesecake and a blueberry cheesecake. They looked fantastic and I just couldn’t stop drooling ! Even though we were full we stuffed ourselves with the yum yum cheesecakes.


Mighty small sure is a great place to go . The best part is that it is a in-house cafe of Smash. The live music sure made our experience memorable. I would surely visit the place again in the future for there drinks and starters.

Do visit and let us know your experience in the comment section below!


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