Sunday, is the only day we want to relax and have a good meal! So on SUNDAY WE BRUNCH! My sister and I headed to a nearby place that is the Solitaire Hotel in Kohinoor Continental in Andheri East. As we got seated, a young singer who goes by the name of Chinmay Pandit started singing some amazing acoustic versions of the famous Bollywood songs. And mind you he was an extraordinary singer with a great great voice. After getting lost in the music we came back to the senses and headed for the buffet. There was an elaborate spread for some of the best possible food I could imagine. We started our session with some soup, then some starters and so on and so forth. Amidst all the hogging, I just discovered something so epic that brought back the child in me. Guess what it was! I’ll tell you! A freaking chocolate fountain! And you have no idea how excited I was to just try that rich chocolate that just kept flowing! Aaaahhh what a sight. 




Coming back to the food, we got to try some amazing starters. The bruchetta and chicken love baker starter tasted really good. The other amazing starter was was paneer based, the mix of savoury paneer and the sweet filling complimented each other really well. The small salad bowls were also worth a try. Borani – E – Bademian with pita was another must have from the elaborate spread of salads. We also called in for some mocktails,  mango deluxe mocktail and shahi punch. Both were too good! We also tried food from the live counter. I was a bit hesitant about the appam as I am not that great fan of south indian food, but man when tried with the vegetable stew, its now one of the must haves in my list.

Then from the wide spread of the main course options we went ahead to get some Chinese food and it was pretty good,we just tried some chilly garlic noodles with vegetable manchurian and some gravy! My sister on the other hand tasted Panner Jalfrezi with garlic naan. The jalfrezi tasted exactly how my mum used to make, so thumbs up to that.



Keeping some space in our tummies we headed to the dessert counter! *tears of joy rolled down* We of course controlled our selves and picked one of each between the two of us! The dark chocolate marquise was the best thing dessert I had! Next up was the chocolate fountain. There were a number of options to dip in that rich rich chocolate, from fruits to brownies and marshmallows! We tried the chubby bunny challenge! What epic fun we had! I think I spent one of the best Sunday’s in a really long time! Kudos to the Solitaire / Kohinoor team! Thank you for making my Sunday so full of food and fun! 




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