On the 7th of October we got to visit Barcode 09 which is a newcomer in town located in one of the most happening locations of the city. Yes! Barcode 09 opens in Andheri West adding up to ones list of Afterparty places. It is a great place to drop in for after parties. They have come up amazing facilities for everyone including their in-house staff which is a must mention.
Barcode 09 will not only serve you with an amazing experience with good music but the best of all. They have the Best DJ’s coming in from the bollywood life that rules ones heart. Their opening hours just are perfect as they’re open till 4 AM in the morning round the week. So be it a Monday or a Friday, you can party regardless the time.
Mr. Nitin Kumar and Mr. Nishant Kumar are the two brothers who have come up with this space. While Nishant is a young at heart guy on the go, Nitin is the one with a bucket full of experiences from Hospitality as well as Marketing. It was a great time interacting with them. Nitin started off his career as a Dishwasher in UK. He also completed his studies in Hospitality from Isle of Man, UK. His experiences and learnings are countless. Nitin says he is not a blogger but definitely a hogger. They spent one and a half year to plan this project and launch. They were simply visiting all the different cafes and testing the overall experience while understanding the do’s and don’ts. While Nitin in the front getting the things right, Nishant is taking care at the backend and its just a perfect match with the brother. Their staff is just like the Cherry on the Top as they just happened to be available at the correct time.  At Barcode 09, they have amazing facilities for the staff including accommodation for them at a distance which is a 2mins. walk from the location.
Talking about the food menu, it is small and basic as of now, but they are soon to add many more dishes to it. They have an amazing variety of Cocktails and Mocktails. One must try the Guava berry, that lip smacking mocktail we went crazy about.
The ambience is simple and decent with a very comfortable seating that was finalised within the span of 3 days before the lauch. I think they’ve done a great job and they’re getting better towards the best day by day.
Very perfectly mentioned in a phrase : Barcode 09 is a Club feeling in a Lounge.




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