1. Bored of simple flavored ice creams? Well, the Z’creamery is your must visit. The Z’ creamery offers various nitrogen ice creams with a twist of waffles and different toppings over them. Not only ice creams, this place also offers amazing shakes like the strawberry shake. The area of this place is very small , rarely upto 10-12 customers can have a comfortable seat here. But the food and good service in here cover ups all those little flaws.


Even though the place is very small and the staff working there are just two or three ,the Z’s creamery has managed everything pretty well. The staff members are ridiculously fast and very kind as well. they not only managed to attract us with their food but also with their amazing service.


The dragon’s breath is the highlight of this place. Chocolate wafers infused with nitrogen gas excreats alot of smoke even while having it, these most joyable wafers comes in two flavours the chocolate and strawberry, even cheeseballs are served in the same way. They served us customized icecreams and waffles with varied types of toppings. The black Charcoal Puffles  were the most appetizing thing to ever have in a dessert. It was served with lavish dark chocolate icecream coated with nutella, m&m’s and 4 types of flavored chocochips. The black chocolate monster was customized by ourselves with a black charcoal used as a cone and  belgium chocolate ice cream being the ice cream used, topped with waffle, choco chips and hazelnuts. Shakes here are quite delicious . It goes from the basic chocolate and strawberry shakes to unique combinations where chocolate meets peach and chocolate cookie with black berry, but they lack in terms of presentation. The Bewitched section consists of Taco category which is basically a waffle shaped in like taco and filling are filled between it. The chocolate chip cookie is the another one.



(customized puffles)


(black chocolate monster)

     (strawberry shake with whipped cream)


According to me this place deserves a 10/10 in all terms as far as desserts are concerned , this place is must visit for all those who has sweet tooth and for all those as well who just wants to try something new.

address: shop 7 panchsheel heights, mahavir nagar, kandivali west, Mumbai- 400067

contact: 9987017996



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