Who won’t love to have good food with an amazing view from a terrace ? The Qbaa terrace is a unique place to have amazing food with a beautiful view. Qbaa terrace is a rooftop lounge. Being a lounge it doesnt lack in serving their customers quality food. Service here is commendable. A beautiful ambience and lovely music system makes you feel like to spend your whole night here.

Qbaa terrace being a pure veg lounge served us some of their amazing dishes which any meat lover would also love to have , also they managed to catch our attention with some of their amazing cocktails and mocktails.


Starting with the cocktails, we had Russian drop, Orange Siplingo, Ginger Gilet, Jalapeno cocktail and ending up on the Virgin mojito were elegant in presentation and had great flavours

The Russian drop was a remarkable one, which was infused with Absolute Vodka, giving a warm feeling on your palate with a punch of great flavours from the fruits added in it. This cocktail was served in an outer shell of watermelon which made it even more unique in terms of presentation.

The Orange siplingo: this drink to had vodka as its main ingredient and orange being the supporting flavour. The presentation was very beautiful and the taste was also very good. However the taste of this was not so unique for me as it’s taste was quite similar to a well known drink called as the screwdriver.

Virgin mojito– this was probably the best cocktail served to us in terms of taste. However compared to other cocktails this one’s presentation was not that amazing but the taste of this completely covered it up all.

 the Russian drop

orange siplingo

ginger gilet

jalapeno cocktail

virgin mojito


Starting with the appetizers, we were served the Asian stuffed rolls. Being a meat lover, i was quite impressed with the flavours i was getting in the vegetarian rolls. It had decent flavours in it with the dish being not to spicy it was a great kick start to the evening.

 Asian stuffed rolls

The Pita Bread with Hummus was pretty adorable. pink coloured hummus topped with black sesame seeds served with well baked crunchy pita bread made a way to our heart. usually a person expects hummus to be very average in taste but this beetroot pink hummus was the highlight.

pink hummus with pita breads

The Chef’s special vegetable pizza was a great thin crust pizza topped with many vegetables and sauces. A bite gave us a burst of the fresh sauce and flavours of vegetables in our mouth. the new chef of Qbaa did complete justice to this pizza.

pizza with exotic vegetables

The Cheese Pakoda fondue was so tasty, we were done having it in few mintues. The Pakodas were made of onion and were freshly prepared. The cheese fondue was a bit lacking down in the original flavour of cheese, it wasn’t a whole melted cheese. But was alarming in terms of taste and texture.

pakoda with cheese fondue

The show stopper was the Dal Khichdi Risotto. A very impressive dish due to its complexity of flavours where dal khichdi meets Risotto. Garnished with a long red chilli and a bit of shredded cheese.This indian-italian combination was loved the most and made us to have more and more bites of it.



As Qbaa terrace is rooftop lounge undoubtedly the city view around it is very amazing but along with amazing view they have decorated the place very beautifully with different setting arrangement as per one’s preference .along with beautiful ambiance the lounge is also very quick with its service,however we would recommend one to not visit this place while it’s raining as one would not be able to see how beautiful the place actually is.


The Qbaa terrace is surely a must visit place not only because of its ambiance, live music ,live sports screening and decorations but also because of the amazing quality of food, drinks and sheesha they provide with very quick service. this place will surely attract the sheesha lovers but however for hardcore meat lovers it could be disappointing.






Address: 9th floor, synergy court, kanchpada, malad west, Mumbai.

contact: 9819172355

average cost: 1500/- for two (approx.) with alcohol *serves jain food also*




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