Being a custodian of Indian lifestyle & luxury, I am duly aware of several wedding services that provide for luxury Indian weddings. The Wedding Trunk however easily distinguishes itself from the many others, with its ideal service and commendatory hospitality.

The Wedding Trunk and Soma Vine Village collaboration has proven to be fruitful, it’s the coming together of a professionally curated wedding marketplace for all end-to-end wedding, gifting and trousseau solutions and a destination truly awaiting to set the stage for your big day.

The intricate details that go into the wedding planning a well as the serene view offered by Soma Vine Village makes it an unforgettable destination for a celebration.

The tranquil setting makes this location a wedding favourite. Luxurious villa’s designed for your comfort, private pools and lawn areas, exemplary for a day of relaxation after celebrations. The ambience of this place makes you feel for a home away from home. Being there myself I could imagine what a blast would my wedding be down here with my friends and family having a lavish time.

Moreover, the sumptuous meals at Soma Vine Village were exceptional! I’d like to thank  The Wedding Trunk & Soma Vine Village for this exceptional experience immensely.

Below are some of the pictures of our overall trip and also How The wedding trunk has Held weddings in the past at Soma Vine Village and How Beautiful and cool the services of Wedding Trunk are(undoubtedly) !!











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