Another one to top the list of all the best eateries in Andheri is Blanco serving you with an amazing experience. It is that one place which will make you time-travel  to Santorini, Greece. This perfectly themed place also serves you with Sheesha and sets the evening with beautiful lights and lamps. They also have events going on every now and like currently they’re celebrating Halloween weekend with everything themed so spooky. Even the staff had taken up some spooky character and painted their faces.
Well,  if you are planning to go for a brunch on a Sunday, then Blanco must not be missed. It is just the place for that perfect brunch idea with a mouth watering menu. It offers you with almost everything one would love to eat. We could also see how a sushi is made. Chef was really quick.
In  appetizers we had nachos, russian salad, sushi (veg and non-veg both), cold cut and pasta from the cold section. While from the grill section we called for marinated paneer, chicken satay, sausages and Basa. From the kitchen menu we asked for Pizza. We simply couldn’t resist the idea of having a pizza when we were having everything.
Main course was combined of Dal Khichdi and chicken schnitzel.  And to add our happy meal were the desserts, such cute cakes with halloween theme. They had multiple flavours though but pineapple was the best in our opinion.
A special mention about the Mocktail’s that can’t be missed. They were so beautifully made that individually every flavour was achievable with a perfectly stirred combination. We had Seeds&Spikes and Berry-Stick and one must definitely try the two when visiting Blanco anytime.
Simply didn’t feel like leaving the place. Every corner is just done the right way with the perfect addition of colours and really cool furniture to say. It is such bright space that every nook and corner is well lit.
Service is again amazing, they serve you the best making you feel all comfortable accompanied with good music. The have events coming up every now and  then. Though they usually start working at 4:30 PM but then Sundays they start at 12:30 PM itself. The brunch menu is there very sunday from 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM. Cannot get over the place,
A must visit!
Tanjul Sarkar


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