Tasse de thé is not your ordinary cafe serving pizza and fries. It can be called a tea lovers heaven as they serve over 300 varieties of tea, right from your exotic matcha tea to the blooming teas, they’ve covered it all. A huge add on to this is the most adorable tea set that they serve it in. An added perk to it is, that they even have exotic tea, cutlery sets, mugs, candles, etc. on sale there and thus you can just pick one up. They cutlery and dining is on point and adds immensely to the experience. The decor takes you to a high tea experience in a palace in London that you wouldn’t want to come out of. The menu serves a great variety of dishes and has quite a lot of Jain options which are difficult to spot these days in most places. The dishes are quite authentic and flavourful and thus overall makes it for a must visit place. It’s unique as it serves an experience and not just dining.
Mentioned below is a detailed review of a few things we tried: 

Watermelon Gazpacho – A cold delight made with watermelon, cucumber, bell pepper, basil, red wine vinegar & Feta cheese. This is like a cold soup based on watermelon and with a hint of spices and feta cheese. Usually tried in a form of salad made for quite a unique soup offering, perfect for warm summer days.

Tortilla pizza – The pizza here, unlike your regular pizza, is quite light, as it has an extremely thin base and crispy. The pizza we tried had caramelized onions, avocado, bell peppers and cottage cheese. Quite unusual yet really flavourful and is a must try.

Fila Baked Brie – Fila Baked Brie served on a bed of homemade chilli apricot jam and topped with fig chutney. This was one of the most experimental dishes of all. Fig and Apricot jam combined with baked brie makes for a flavourful combination for an appetizer.

Deconstructed Burrito bowl – A Mexican deconstructed rice bowl served with avocado, sour cream, grilled zucchini, bell peppers, salsa Rosso and beans made for that perfect rice based dish. Avocado and sour cream helped to perfectly balance the otherwise spicy flavour dish.

Zucchini Lasagne – Zucchini Lasagne served with avocado paste and homemade sundried tomato pesto sauce isn’t like your regular lasagna. Unlike your regular baked lasagna, this one’s stacked with vegetables and might not be of everyone’s taste.

Silver needle tea with rosebuds – The place specializes in teas and they have over 300 types of teas to choose from. The silver needle tea was quite light and not bursting with flavours hence made for a perfect in meal tea. The rosebuds add a delicate touch of flavour and aroma to the tea. The teapot and pastel coloured cup and saucer elevated the experience of regular tea.

Gulkand Tiramisu – Classic Italian Tiramisu layered with gulkand, made for a classic Italian dessert with an Indian twist. One of the most delectable desserts I’ve had to date. Perfectly moist, sweet and spongy in texture.

Pistachio & Vanilla in White chocolate – White chocolate cylinder filled with vanilla ice cream on reduced masala milk base, served with caramelized sugar. Your traditional masala milk served in cold form makes for an exotic dish when served with white chocolate cylinder and caramelised sugar.


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