Taj Mahal Tea house is a relaxed and refined tea house preparing Indian blends along with sweet and savoury light snacks. It is a delightful, Instagram worthy place!

Absolutely beautiful interiors with extremely comfortable seating of various sorts in various corners. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your evening cuppa tea with books or catch up with friends over lunch.
They adapt to a method of incorporating various types of tea in your meals throughout the day rather than just the tea time. The logic of combining light teas with starters and moving to stronger teas towards the main course follows here. 
Tea connoisseur Sandeep Mathur provided us with insightful facts and shared his experiences on the subject.

Mentioned below are the teas we tried and food paired with them:

Falafal Chaat + Pink Guava and Kaffir Tea
Paneer Salad + Oriental Jasmine and Rose Tea
Sambhar Rissoto + Silver Needle and Berries Tea
Matcha Semifreddo + Mocha Tea
Silver Needle and Berries TeaFalafal Chaat and Pink Guava and Kaffir Tea were my personal favourites and a must try from Taj Mahal Tea house!
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