Love. Bake. Celebrate.These three words automatically bring a big smile on my face, specially when it’s Christmas time! Christmas for me is definitely all about plum cakes, carol singing and lot of wine.
I happened to attend a live baking and cooking session conducted by Siemens, where the renowned chef Debabrata Mukherjee baked delicious plum and vanilla cake along with spicy paneer tikkas, fish tikkas and chicken sausages in Siemens Inner Space’s fully equipped modular kitchen in Thane. The best part about all these dishes, all of them were baked and stir fried on a non stick pan with minimum oil and were air fried. This is exactly what I needed to keep my diet in control specially in this party season.

Siemens new range of beautiful kitchen appliances, not only makes your kitchen look elegant but it is also one of quickest form of cooking. I was surprised to know that induction gas actually cooks the food 30% quicker and utilizes less electricity. Over the session, our smiling chef Debabrata first served us the delicious ‘plum and vanilla’ cake which was super moist and then came the delicious sausages which were tossed over a flat plate that can also be used as multi purpose pan were we can make anything that requires a pan without actually using a pan! As much as cooking on the plate was easy, cleaning it was all the more easier, one just has to pour hot water and then wipe it off.
Gone are the days when the exhaust chimney would be hovering over our heads. Siemens has come up with an automatic exhaust called Down Draft which is a part of your cooking surface, to use it, all you need to press is a button and voila, it pops out to save us from the irritating spicy smoke.
Another interesting product and my absolute favorite is the coffee maker. It is the simplest coffee maker in the town! All you need to do is, feed in the measurements of coffee, milk and save it against your name for everyday use. Press the button whenever you need your mug of coffee and you’re good to go. That’s it! Done.
I’m really impressed with the new range appliances from Siemens. Never knew appliances can help you eat healthy and achieve what your friend’s don’t let you with all the guilty indulgences. Celebrate a guilt free Christmas!


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