Healthy. Tasty. Ready.These three words automatically bring a big smile on my face, especially when it’s “GoodDiet” range of bigbasket consisting of ready-to- cook mixes,
roasted snacks, and other superfoods.

Health for me is definitely all about Super nutritious food without making it a boring taste and I am happy that finally bigbasket has come up with something which interests me.
Being a food blogger I happened to eat alot of Junkfood and New dishes on a daily basis,and this made me crave for food similiar to it everyday! It was tiring and wanted to get rid of this habit and start with healthy food and lifestyle.
That’s when I decided to try out bigbasket’s new “GoodDiet” range and it just touched my heart! WHY??? Because there’s this Misconception ‘Healthy food tastes Bad’ ,But I was wrong!
The best part about this is The GoodDiet range offers an assortment of 12 different types of high quality food that are nutritious, wholesome and good option for a healthy diet. These include White Quinoa Grains, White Quinoa Flour,Black Rice, Forest Wild Rice, Ancient Red Rice, White and Black Chia Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds, Buckwheat Grains, Buckwheat Flour, and Organic Amaranth.This is exactly what I needed to keep my diet in control especially in this VACAY season.

Also bigbasket, India’s largest online supermarket, has launched a
new healthy diet range consisting of ready-to- cook mixes like millets dosa mix, kodo millet Pongal mix, oats idli, and others. bigbasket has always put its customers’ health at the
forefront, which is one of the reasons behind the launch of this range. This GoodDiet
category of products comes after the recent launch of its ready-to- eat range of salads and
single serves. Like the latter, GoodDiet range is also aimed at those who are always on the move but health conscious at the same time.


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