Guess whatttt????
Whatt? Are you dating someone?
Yesssss,I’m dating Pizzaaaaaaa

LOL, Why wouldn’t I??When Dominoes pizza have come up with a very exciting offer.
Domino’s Pizza India is launching Everyday Value @Rs 99, Where in you can get 2 pizzas @just 99 each/- Any day of the week.

I recently ordered my pizza and it was so yummy and delicious like always! And I am really satisfied with this offer also.
#99reasons why I love the Domino’s Pizza because of it’s fresh veggies, that taste of its unique sauces and more on their price. All seem fresh and captivating for economic buy!!!
It’s affordable and Satisfying both at the same time.

Hence,Thank you Dominoes to make my relationship stronger with pizza.

Order now on Zomato nad let


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