PaPaYa was always at the top of my wish list and then when I heard about Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra I wanted to try it out right from the time it had opened. Finally got  chance to experience one of the best fine dining places. The restaurant is located at BKC.

As you enter the place, you get a very different and luxurious feeling. We were greeted by a host who escorted us to our table. The place has a typical highend ambience. Its grandeur certainly makes you feel awestruck for some time.

Getting down the dining experience, we came for their 16 course meal experience.It looks like a challenge once you read the menu, but since they make you taste foods from all major parts of India, it is certainly an experience in itself.

We tried out their magnificent Vegetarian chef’s 16 course tasting menu, and in drinks we chose to have Cosmopolitian and Virgin Sangria.

Our 16 course meal commenced with a shot of amuse bouche – which is a mango shot in coconut water. It is served in an artificial egg like shell. This really gives you a soothing effect.
This is followed by a series of snacks—Deconstructed Samosa and a Mushroom Chai.
We especially loved the mushroom chai—a truffle mushroom soup, where a flavourful stock is added to dehydrated mushrooms and truffle oil; the soup is served from a kettle.

We then experienced a lotus stem snack called as the Nadir Churma. Nadir is a word used by Kashmiri chefs for lotus. A crispy piece of lotus stem was presented to us on a stone. Also,Few other best of the best dishes like Farmer’s staple,Corn khees poppers,Shrooms and also Dal Dhokli were worth trying!

From the amuse bouche, to the starters and mains like Tandoori paneer rings by malvani curry and assorted breads , and a palate cleanser, they surely pamper you with the best. Last but not the least, their Jalebi Caviar,Jamun mousse beetroot crisp and Bibinca are the the BEST desserts you’ll possibly find in Mumbai.






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