Every women absolutely love a good hair spa and styling day, A lovely way to relax and feel pampered.They too want to feel like princesses for a day. But,it’s difficult these days as they are trapped with the responsbilities.
However,Kidzappy and Ambition salon is the only salon which offers a welcoming atmosphere for both Mothers and Kids. They have beautiful and interesting interiors for kids where they can play and experience a homely service simultaneously.
The bonus is Adults too get to spend comfortable time for themselves.

Kidzappy and Ambition Salon do haircuts for kids from 5 months onwards & a full range of other hair and beauty services for adults too.

I spent my last Sunday here and it all started with a relaxing Head massage by applying hot almond and coconut oil according to my hair condition.
Then I did Basic facial which was 1 hour long and very pleasent and finally got done with perfect Manicure.
It was a homely experience. They have a friendly staff who will chit-chat with you and make you comfortable.
What’s best? The fact that they offer such cool services for kids also.

You definitely want to gift yourself or a friend an experience here, because it promises to be something out of the ordinary.

Book your appointments now : http://www.kidzappy.com/



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