My first encounter with an Ecotel, Meluha The Fern.
Sunday evening was spent at this amazing hotel, Meluha the Fern. It is a 5 star ecotel in the heart of Powai surrounded by some of the best hangout places. My friend and I went for the lavish non veg buffet. The staff was really friendly and welcomed us with a big smile. We were showed around by the manager who also explained us about the special treats for that day.
Their theme for the season is Mangoes, where the chef served us with varieties of mango dishes both veg and non veg.
To start with, Mango tart was simply amazing, we didn’t expect it to be a combination of cheddar and raw mangoes. Raw mango Seekh kebab was tender and delicious which was served with a mint chutney. Another favourite from the wide spread of starters. We were also served, juicy tandoori prawns. It was quite good.
One of the mind blowing dish was, Paneer stuffed with hint of apples and cilantro. The flavours are different and quite delicious. It’s a must try.
My favourite was Chilli Pepper fish. The fish was fresh and the flavours were spicy and tangy. We also had the Patra ni macchi with mint sauce, this was quite an unusual simple steamed fish. Great for the health conscious people. The chicken skewers were good too.
The chef served us with a special palate cleanser drink, it was very refreshing, coconut water with a hint of rose in which one has to squeeze few drops of lemon.
After having the starters, I was way too full. I had to keep some space for my desserts. Yet I managed to taste some of their mains.
For the mains, there was a huge variety of salads, cheeses and the main dish, Chicken Wellington. This was a soft pastry wrapped around tender chicken roll, tossed with salads and figs. This was truly the day’s special!
There were a variety of lamb and chicken gravies followed by biryani, paneer gravy, vegetable gravy and Dals.
It is always a sweet ending, we couldn’t decide what to eat as the menu is so extensive.
We couldn’t have not tried this one. A dessert which I was looking forward to,their special summer cake, a mixture of caramel, mint and lemon. It was the perfect cheesecake, creamy with a hint of tangy mint flavour. It wasn’t too sweet or sour, perfectly made!
Honey Red velvet fruit truffle, this was topped with macaroon and layers of red velvet and fresh fruits. It was quite yummy.
We tried other desserts like Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, a must try for the Indian and western cravings. Rasmalai was perfect. Shahi  Gulab Jamun was super moist. Apple Raspberry pie was sweet, tangy and perfectly sweet. Umali, a unheard dessert, is heavy rabdi where pastry is soaked it in. It somewhat gives you the feel of Malpua.
Phew. We had quite a lot of desserts.
One dish that took us by surprise was the Bartender’s special mocktail. Since he didn’t have a name for it, I named it after the bartender, Jevin’s special. It was a refreshing guava strawberry and lime mocktail. We absolutely loved it!
I have tried a lot of buffets restaurants but this one really stood out. Food and drinks are amazing and so is the staff!



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