Living in Mumbai, and using heating tools on my hair quite frequently, leaves my hair frizzy and dry most of the time.

I thought of treating my hair with Keratin (Keratin Treatment) at Lemon Salons(Irla), and I have to say, it changed my hair game completely.

It started off like a regular hair wash, with a consultation, and I was made to understand exactly what the product is, and what it does.(Staff is cool and friendly)

This Treatment is done for Natural Looking hair which makes your hair slightly straight and frizz free giving it a better texture temporary for 2-3 months.

My hair was first shampooed thoroughly, and then massaged for a few minutes (bliss). Then, a conditioner was thoroughly applied to my hair, which left a beautiful cooling effect, before being washed off. Then the Keratek shampoo is applied thoroughly on every strand of hair.

The technician then kept it for half n hour and washed my hair later.Then it was straightened and after one day or 24 hours it was washed again. (the place is just like a home- treating and giving us homely services)

My hair felt softer, shinier, and overall, quite manageable. I have washed my hair two times since, and I can tell my hair is still behaving. I haven’t had to resort to anything as dramatic wearing a hat or a scarf, so that’s good. 

Lemon Salon is little expensive but comparing it with the service given in return,It’s totally worth it.You can also buy a membership to get discounts and offers to you and your family members. This cute luxury salon has many outlets all over Mumbai.

So go and Pamper Yourself.You can also Check the video of the treatment done

Check this video of the overall experience and pampering of my hair at Lemon salon





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