Here I will give you 5 reasons of why you should choose Vaya Drynk

1. Burp the air and Liquid tight seal !

Vaya Tyffyn and Drynk keeps your food the freshest for the longest with its air and liquid (including oil!) tight seal.  Your leftovers and lunch to go will never spill all over your bag again! Also, It has Hygienic, covered spout area.

2. Innovative design!

Vaya Drynk comes with two lids (Gulper and Sipper) and also comes in two sizes. Drynk 600, that’s great for water and delicious juices and Drynk 350, for aromatic coffee or tea. Choose between the two based on your own preferences!An innovative Sipper lid ensures that you will never hit your nose while taking a sip and Guzzle your favourite drink with wide-mouth Gulper lid!Also,A smart-body with excellend grip.

3. Vaya is forever!

Made of high-quality Stainless steel slim body that easily fits in your bag / car holder and with VacuTherm Insulation that keeps liquids up to 12h hot & 18h cold. It will last with you forever.

4. Colour!

I quote Real Simple Magazine, “By surrounding yourself with bright colors…you can give yourself the needed energy boost to face the day.”

Each Vaya products comes delightfully dressed with at least a splash of color.  You can choose your own style colour in Vaya Drynks.These colours are Graphite,Gold,Purple,Shiny Black and many other sophisticated colours(My Favourite is purple one-It’s very stylish and gives a luxury look too.

5. Environment-friendly!

Bottles made of plastic are unhealthy and destroy the environment. However, insulated water bottles from Vaya can store drinks hot and cold. Water Bottles from Vaya are also eco-friendly and healthier than plastics.

So, a Vaya product is not only healthier, safer, better in quality, has great design, and environment friendly, but it is also a more economical product to buy. You see, your product lasts you your lifetime 🙂

Buy it and you’ll love it.



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