What is Imax?? It means the maximum amount of movie your eyeballs can process.

“Nowadays, movie goers have a lot of options when it comes to watching movies. You can see a movie in 2D, 3D, But if you really want to experience it, go see it in IMAX at Inox!

I personally love seeing movies when they are available in IMAX. The booming sound system as well as the massive screen draw me in immediately!

The first film I ever saw in  IMAX Inox was Jurassic World. And I am not exaggerating it but you must must watch it in Imax only.It will double your excitement level.

This is what I love about Inox Imax!

  • Big-Huge Screen.
  • 10x Better quality than usual
  • Gives amazing feeling while watching an action movie.
  • Comfortable seats with perfect angle (for short people like me also-you need not have to worry about how tall a person is going to sit in front of you..Haha! 😀 )
  • State of the art sound system 
  • Good Food
  • Well maintained hygiene.
  • Ambience
  • Interval Times are short

Also,I am in love that how Inox has emphasized in the property with  so many choices to entertain,play and eat for kids and adults, (other than just watching a movie) with art area for kids,AR experience in the lobby,Luxurious and Lavish Interiors and alot more. Overall it gives a 7-star experience.





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