Most of the time, mothers are the ones who cook and prepare food. And other members of the family are also starting to join in; there are dads who can cook or sisters or brothers even. But then again, we would agree that most moms would do the cooking.

That is why most moms consider the kitchen as their territory. And because it is their territory, it is important that the kitchen will have a beautiful and outstanding design. Aside from the aesthetics, it has to be functional too. We are sure you have seen many kitchen designs already and might even have fall in love with one which you want for your kitchen. I am also sure that you would have a dream kitchen in your mind too.


Vijay Sales is the most preferable destination for consumer electronics and now its become bigger and better with all types of kitchen appliances. So now I can surely start thinking of my dream kitchen. Few days back I got a chance to be a part of the #kitchenstudioz launch by @vijaysalesofficial in Prabhadevi and it was a wonderful experience along with their in-house celebrity chef and host Kishwar.


It was just so awesome, I felt exactly like any kid feels when she’s at a toy store They have a huge floor and beautifully furnished space with all your kitchen needs right from the refrigerator, stove, chimneys, to coffee makers, toaster blenders and so on! You don’t have to be a top-chef to have a fabulous kitchen. These designs range from professional chef status to “still struggling to crack an egg one-handed.”

No matter where you fall on the cooking spectrum, you’ll eat up these jaw-dropping kitchen appliances Vijay Sales provides with dream kitchens that has a combination of design, quality, service and price that is unmatched in the industry.


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