Every detail from the guest list to the gown matters and for beauty-conscious brides, even the color of your nails counts.

Your wedding nail art design is also an important bridal beauty detail you can’t forget to check off your to-do list. After all, your hands will be in the spotlight on your big day,as much as your Wedding Lehenga or You would be,Right?

While brides should choose a nail color that makes them feel confident and fits with their personal aesthetic, On the wedding day, embrace a color which goes well with the attire (and of course the season). Since the bridal season in India usually coincides with fall/winters, therefore, one popular option is to stick with pretty and soft neutrals.

Keeping Indian colors and seasons in mind, I have compiled a list of top nail colors to wear on your wedding day.


One of the must-wear nail colors for your pre-bridal ceremonies or for that matter, your wedding day (particularly if your attire has gold embellishments or antique work on it.

 Rich, deep and classic color is so much in vogue. Be it your traditional or vintage bridal ensemble, oxblood red nail color speaks of a unique twist.Bright and young, It is so full of fun and frolic.


Damn trendy, great for day-time weddings or pre-wedding ceremonies such as Mehndi. Besides, it also makes your nails look longer

This is a versatile shade with an oomph factor attached to it. Just as gold, this color enhances the antique work on your garment. Unlike glittery gold, copper is much more subtle.


The attractive hues of the wedding celebration can never be completed without this one. Be it the main function or side celebrations, this one gives makes you appear suave.


Red is the king when it comes to nail color, either you are using shiny, shimmery or matte. You can paint it on your nails and be party ready. It always works its magic.


Metallic rose gold is a trendy pink that deviates from the norm.Perfect for any function in your wedding.


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